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Podcast chapters:

  1. Intro
  2. The Grandmother of boats
  3. Interview: Buddha, the spirits and what we do, when we pray
  4. Building without blueprints – the craft behind the boats
  5. Interview: Rain forest protection while people live in and off forests
  6. When the boats first appear: The 1930ies in Thailand
  7. Interview: Yellow is the color of monday – and the King
  8. Where tourists and refugees meet – Phang Nga Bay
  9. How to do Wai and how to say bye


Inside the puzzle box is a letter with a QR code. With that you can download the podcast – and listen while you put together the pieces

First of all: this is your time off, no need to hurry! In case the podcast ends before you are done there will be links to other podcasts, audiobooks and playlists that I highly recommend.

Definitely yes. I gave prototypes to several “non-puzzlers” to test, if they enjoyed themselves. They called it “a fun challenge” and an “immersive experience”. If you like the concept, just give it a try.

That depends: Do you do puzzles on a regular basis and would like to come back to the picture several times? Then I recommend getting a bigger size. Would you like to have just one session, have a nice afternoon with it, for example? Then a smaller size might be better.  

PuzzleRadio: Thailand

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The story behind the picture

*Sold without headphones*

Long tail boats are to Thailand what Gondolas are to Venice – iconic representations of a place, of its past and present.

When author and artist Ziska Bulban first traveled to Thailand she, as many others, took thousands of pictures of long tail boats. She decided to research their origins – and fell in love with the stories that connect the boats to Thailands art, culture and everyday life.

This PuzzleRadio combines her pictures with those stories.

Starting on the very beach she has taken her photos, she takes you on a journey. She explores why many Thai pray to a spirit called “the Grandmother of Boats”, finds out, how long tail boats are built without blueprints and tries to figure out how Thailand, though it was surrounded by colonies in the 1930ies, managed to stay an independend country – and how the long tail boats revolutionized transportation systems in Thailand.

With a mix of personal anecdotes, soundbites and interviews with experts, this PuzzleRadio invites you on a journey to Phang Nga Bay, Thailand – are you ready?


What you get:

High quality puzzles printed in Germany

Different puzzle sizes available

Painted edition: the motif is an original artwork by the author based on the pictures she took

Climate neutral print production

Two hours of podcasts divided into several chapters

Easy access audio files which you can play online or download to your devices

Stories that are completely matching the motif

In depth research, interviews and personal anecdotes

An immersive experience of walking into a different world

Entertainment and information without staring at screens

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