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To understand who we are and where we stand, we need to connect to the world out there. Mindfully Informed is devoted to tell you stories from all over the world without the noise: relaxed, relatable, realistic. 

Are you tired of scrolling, zapping and second-screening? Would you like to emerge in stories as you did when you were a child? Would you like to learn something interesting and unwind at the same time? 

Then scroll down, check out our PuzzleRadio and sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.


PuzzleRadios are the combination of podcasts and  puzzles. While piecing together the picture in front of you also piece together the story behind the picture. What you get:
  • high quality puzzles printed in Germany in different sizes
  • 2 hours of podcasts devided into several chapters
  • easy access audio files which you can play online or download to your devices
  • stories that are completely matching the motiv
  • in depth research, interviews and personal anecdotes
  • an immersive experience of walking into a different world
  • entertainment and information without staring at screens
  • additional recommendations for movies, playlists and  online classes

puzzle listen experience

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